Nashville singer Sheldon Clark is revealing a brand-new track, "By the Radio," exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"By the Radio" is an uptempo Americana track -- perfect for a road trip. Clark's textured vocals and the swell and sway of the rocking song make it an incredibly easy listen.

"I stay alive by the radio / It's all I know," Clark sings in the tune's chorus. "The spirit of the music goes / From high to low / It drives me on."

Throughout "By the Radio," Clark name-drops singers such as the Avett Brothers and Jeff Tweedy, discussing how they've taught him and encouraged him "by the radio."

"By the Radio" is from Clark's sophomore EP, Word & Sound, which is slated for release this month. It's a collection of six songs, recorded in three days to analog tape at 1979 Studios in West Nashville. The record was not edited or Auto-Tuned, and the lyrics reflect the authenticity of the recording, dealing with topics such as anxiety, love lived and lost and more.

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Listen to Sheldon Clark, "By the Radio":

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