On Oct. 16, singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne released Revelation Road Deluxe Edition, a box set containing her critically-acclaimed Revelation Road album, which was first issued last year, along with a plethora of other Shelby-related treats, including a documentary on DVD, a performance DVD, and other goodies.

The deluxe edition also features the first live album of her 20-plus-year career, Live at McCabe's, recorded at the famed McCabe's Guitar Shop venue in Santa Monica, Calif. While she's excited to share the live music with fans, Shelby confesses that taking new songs to an audience for the first time can be a daunting task.

"It's hard," she tells The Boot. "But it's kind of the challenge that makes it all worth getting out of bed. I've got a new way of sharing that same old thing. I always take a big breath when I go out there and say, 'I've got a new song,' but the cool thing is without having any hit records, nobody expects to hear a particular thing. I mean, I've got my diehards who know the words to things that I don't know! [laughs]"

Shelby acknowledges she's not much of a fan of live albums, which is why Live at McCabe's has taken a long time to materialize. "Don't get me wrong," she notes, "I've listened to [Willie Nelson's] Willie and Family Live a million times. But not everybody can make something that magical."

While she's most recently been touring the country as a solo act, which fits right in nicely with her role as a one-woman record company, releasing her music independently on her Everso Records label, Shelby has plans to take a full band out on the road again. And she can't imagine having to choose between the two options.

"I can't because I love and adore both," she explains. "There's nothing better than me and a guitar, being able to communicate that feeling for me and that intimacy. But when you get that band feeling, it becomes less of a folk thing and more of rock 'n' roll thing, I guess, depending on who you bring to the party."

Shelby's solo "party" continues with upcoming gigs in California, Washington D.C. and more. Keep track of her tour schedule here. For more information about Revelation Road Deluxe Edition, click here.

Be sure to come back to The Boot next week for more of our exclusive (and very candid) conversation with Shelby Lynne!

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