SHEL have released a music video for their festive song "Gather Close." Click play above to watch the clip, premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot, and get ready to be in the Christmas spirit!

"Gather Close" is an original holiday tune, written by SHEL, that captures all of the nostalgic and romantic experiences and feelings that the holiday season brings: "Lights in all the trees / Snowflakes on our cheeks / Cheery people sing / Silver sleigh bells ring," sings the folk-pop quartet, with beautifully clean vocals and overlapping harmonies. "Gather close / Share this time with me / The world is bright / Lit with all our dreams."

It's not just the song itself that SHEL had their hands in crafting, but its accompanying music video as well. Sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook often take on a big role in the creation of their eclectic and imaginative videos, and for the "Gather Close" clip, the girls headed to their local Goodwill to gather their wardrobe.

"Whenever we have a spare moment off the road, we usually end up producing a music video," SHEL tell The Boot. "It's exciting to try and capture the emotion of a song visually, and this one was an especially jolly hodgepodge of ideas. We had one afternoon to shoot ... so wearing ugly Christmas sweaters in an old house came together quickly. Sarah directed, and we all took turns behind the camera. Thankfully, the Goodwill store had the perfect Christmas sweaters on hand!"

Hailing from Fort Collins, Colo., SHEL take their band name from an acronym of each of their first names (Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza). Although the girls grew up with a love of music, it wasn't until 2005 that they started performing together under their eponymous moniker; they released their first EP in 2010 and, in 2016, are finding themselves at the tail-end of a big year, during which they released not one, but two albums: Just Crazy Enough hit shelves and streaming sites in May, and in November, SHEL released their first holiday project, Winter Fairyland, a six-track EP of their favorite Christmas songs, both classic and original.

SHEL say that Winter Fairyland -- on which listeners will find "Gather Close" -- came about as a result of a band tradition of releasing an annual Christmas single and video. This year, the sisters decided to compile all of their tracks into one record, in an effort to capture the wonder and anticipation that they felt every Christmas season as children.

"Christmas morning meant new storybooks, handmade dolls and flannel nightgowns," they recall. "At night, we read aloud and imagined our own adventures, which were a combination of Little Women, The Chronicles of Narnia and Alice in Wonderland."

Winter Fairyland and Just Crazy Enough are both available on iTunes.

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