Fans wanting to see Shania Twain in action might not have to head to Las Vegas. The songstress, who has been performing her 'Shania: Still the One' show at Caesar's Palace in Sin City since 2012, hints that she may be ready to hit the road for a series of shows.

“I think I’m going to do more,” she tells the Calgary Herald. “I guess it’s just something I’m enjoying more now than I have in a long time. Vegas has been a really good transition for me to get back onstage again, and I guess I’m enjoying it."

Twain will get her feet wet Thursday night (July 10) and Friday night (July 11), when she performs two shows at the Saddledome as part of the Calgary Stampede. It will be her first true concert outside of Vegas in a decade, and she says she can't wait to perform.

“I was pretty open to it, I have to say,” she admits. “I was excited about the idea of doing a concert environment show again -- it’s been a long time.”

The Canadian says that her new album will hopefully be released in the near future as well.

“It’s my priority this year and I will be in the studio as soon as I can get in, get my ducks in a row -- I’m working on it all the time right now,” she notes. “I’ve been writing for it for a long time now, I’ve got lots of things so it’s really about putting the puzzle together now.”

The songstress hasn't released an album of new tunes since 2002's 'Up!,' but she says that while she's anxious to share new music with her fans, the songs will be a sharp contrast from what she's recorded in the past.

“I’m writing different,” she reveals. “My song direction is different, just stylistically. I think it’s just because I’ve been spending so much time writing by myself.”

Twain, who stepped away from the spotlight after her split with producer Mutt Lange in 2008, followed by her diagnosis with the vocal condition dysphonia, says returning to performing was a seamless adjustment.

“Back onstage has been very natural, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be,” she concedes. “I’m enjoying the singing and I think my voice has a lot of qualities it didn’t even have before which is interesting. And I look forward to putting that down on record."

Twain's final scheduled performance at Caesar's Palace occurs on July 26. Find remaining tickets here.

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