Shania Twain recently announced that she is embarking on her farewell Rock This Country Tour later this year, and she's also hinted that she's got a new album in the works -- but don't expect the two projects to mesh in any way.

The Canadian country singer says that she won't be playing any of her new music live; she knows that her fans will be coming to hear her hits.

“I want everyone to hear the hits,” Twain tells “When I go to a show, I want to hear songs that I know. So I won’t be introducing any of the new songs from the new music in this concert.”

The artist says that her upcoming set of tunes wouldn't necessarily fit in a country show anyway.

“It is a more soulful approach to my songwriting than I've probably ever allowed myself to have before,” she reveals. “It’s fun music, too. I like to stay positive. I’ll make sure that I do some things on there that make you feel good and happy as well. I’m having a lot of fun.”

But, Twain adds, some of her big hits, such as "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" and "Any Man of Mine," already blurred genre lines earlier in her career, so doing so is nothing new for her.

“It’s not like my music was ever traditional anyway. I don’t think anybody expects that from me. Nothing that I’m doing is traditional,” she says. “Certainly, as I reflect back on listening to this stuff, it reminds me a lot of the influences that I had growing up. There’s influences from my childhood in the music that I’m writing now.”

Unfortunately, we may never get the chance to hear Twain's new songs live. The 49-year-old, who just wrapped up a two-year residency in Las Vegas, says that her upcoming tour will be her last.

“I just feel like I’m ready to hang my hat up in that regard,” Twain says. “I just really want to go out with a bang.”

In an ironic twist, it was Twain's tenure in Sin City that gave her the confidence to record new music and hit the road one more time.

“The success ... in Las Vegas has given me a confidence that I have not had in years, even in past tours,” she admits. “I really have been able to build up a lot more courage and a lot more confidence in myself. I’m ready for more things now.”

Twan's Rock This Country Tour, her first in 11 years, kicks off on June 5 in Seattle, Wash. A complete list of upcoming dates is available on her website.

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