Sean Rowe promises a lifetime of love in "I Won't Run," a quiet, romantic, traditional country waltz. The song is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

Over a melody of pedal steel from Ben Lester, time-keeping drums from Shane Leonard and organ from Chris Carey, Rowe swears, "Baby, I won't break your heart / And I won't run." The artist says he drew influence from some of his old-school favorites: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

"One thing I love about the older country songs was the honesty, the humor and the poetry. Willie, Waylon, Cash and Kristofferson went straight to the heart for me," Rowe shares. "I still draw from that stuff. This song is, of course, a reflection of my influence there."

Fellow artist Courtney Hartman sings background — a happy accident, Rowe shares. He'd asked her to play guitar during the session, but when he heard her humming along during a playback, "her voice stuck out to me."

"She was a little sheepish about singing on that track, but I was adamant that she sing with me," Rowe says, "and it's just not as good without her voice in there."

"I Won't Run" is one of 11 songs on Rowe's forthcoming new album, The Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights, which is due out on Oct. 8 via Fluff & Gravy Records and was produced by Troy Pohl. The artist pulled inspiration for the project from both therapy sessions and a guided ayahuasca retreat that "stripped away all of my defenses and rationalization, along with the guilt and anger that built up over the course of being a human."

"I had three profound experiences [that weekend]," Rowe shares. "... Two of those experiences brought me to a place of such intense beauty and peace, while the third showed me the exact opposite ... [I]n those moments, I seemed to experience real Heaven and hell. Now, it's up to me to choose which one I want to exist in."

"I Won't Run" is due out widely on Friday (Oct. 1). Fans can visit for more on the artist and his new music.

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