Scotty McCreery released his sophomore album, 'See You Tonight,' on Tuesday (Oct. 15), but unlike most artists, the 20-year-old says he has no fear about the dreaded sophomore slump.

"The first record ['Clear as Day'] came right in the middle of everything. We just got off the show, the ‘Idol’ tour just finished up. We were kind of in the thick of everything," he tells Taste of Country. "Now we can kind of sit back and back away from the limelight and stuff and make the record and kind of sit down and get creative with it, whereas with the first record we were really in a time crunch and everything. It’s been a cool thing not to have that kind of pressure on us."

The North Carolina native included five songs he wrote on his sophomore album, unlike 'Clear as Day,' which didn't include any of his self-penned tunes. But McCreery says he is confident in all of the songs he is releasing.

"If I put a song on the record, it’s because I thought it had a point and a meaning to it," he says. "Any artist that puts a song out there, they’re not nervous about it. More so excited about what fans have to hear and anxious. So not nervous; I’m excited to hear what some of the reactions are to some of these songs because they’re a little different, you know? We’ve got some new feels and some different topics we’re hitting on this record, so it’ll be cool."

The title track of 'See You Tonight,' which McCreery co-wrote, is in the Top 30 and climbing. Order the album here.

'See You Tonight' is also The Boot's fan-voted Album of the Month for October of 2013.