Scotty McCreery has scored a coveted role as an opening act on some of the best tours in country music. In 2012, less than a year after winning American Idol, McCreery hit the road with Brad Paisley, on Paisley's Virtual Reality World Tour, and he is currently wrapping up his time as part of Rascal FlattsRiot Tour 2015 -- and soaking up every minute of the experience.

"I’ve learned a lot. I could say a lot about the music. I could say a lot about the shows," McCreery tells The Boot. "I haven’t missed a Rascal Flatts show all year, unless I have to get out to get to another show, but if I’m there, I’m watching. Same thing with Brad Paisley; I saw pretty much every show.

"So we’re just watching from afar," he continues. "We’re at the soundboard, watching the shows and watching what they’re doing [on stage], but also backstage -- how they run their tours, how they treat people, what catering companies are good, what catering companies are bad. I’ve learned a lot."

The North Carolina native says that he remains grateful to the artists who have entrusted him to take part in their tours.

"In 2012, I was still pretty green, and Brad kind of laid the foundation for me: 'This is how you tour, this is how you go about life as an artist,'" McCreery recalls. "He brought his wife and kids out on the road, so he gave me goals for what to strive for."

The "Southern Belle" singer reveals that he is still pondering his options for next year.

"We finish up Flatts the first week of October, and we’ll finish out the year doing our own stuff," McCreery adds. "I wouldn’t call it a tour per se, just yet. Next year, we’ll look at things in 2016 and see if we want to headline or see if we want to get on a tour out there. It should be a fun rest of the year, and a fun 2016."

A list of all of McCreery's upcoming concerts is available on his website.

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