Scotty McCreery has released a fun new summertime video for his latest single, 'Feelin' It.'

The song isn't quite bro-country, but it's a definite step in a lighter direction, with a pulsing modern rhythm bed track and a lyric about the fun of summer.

The video matches those themes, with the 'American Idol' winner driving his jeep to the beach with some friends, stopping at a roadside burger joint, hanging out in the surf and just generally having a good time.

The song is the second single from McCreery's sophomore album, 'See You Tonight.' The album reached No. 1, and its first single, the title song, has been certified gold for sales in excess of 500,000 units.

Two of the singles from McCreery's first album, 'Clear as Day' -- 'I Love You This Big' and 'The Trouble With Girls' -- have also been certified gold.