Sarah Shook and the Disarmers have released a new music video for their track "No Mistakes," the latest from their upcoming third album Nightroamerout Feb. 18 via Thirty Tigers.

"No Mistakes" incorporates the band's gritty country sound to ask for reconciliation and promise to do better in the future. Shot between a rousing honky-tonk and a cozy at-home songwriting session, the video depicts memories of Shook and a smiling square dancer cutting a rug, chatting and enjoying each other's company, recalled through an adorable lipstick-marked Polaroid.

"I ain't just keeping you around as a pastime," Shook promises in the video, as the scene cuts back to the two catching up over seltzers later on at the same bar.

Shook said in a press release that they intended the video "to portray some of the good things one kind of healthy relationship can offer: true joy, deep friendship, shared interests, where both partners respect and value themselves and each other. No codependency. No manipulation. No controlling behavior. Just straight up love.”

Rather than the typical begging and pleading of standard heartbreak fare, the lyrics of "No Mistakes" focus on getting better and owning up to past mistakes before asking to be taken back, apologizing for previous instances of taking a partner for granted and not valuing the relationship. The earnest sentiment is accomplished with Sarah Shook and the Disarmers' classic rough-and-tumble swagger, complete with bluesy guitars and pedal steel.

"I’ve had my share of jealous and insecure partners and I know I’m not alone in that," Shook remarks. “'No Mistakes' takes aim at such folks with the message to get a damn grip and grow the hell up... Apologize, mean it, work hard on yourself. Hope like hell they give you another chance but know they don’t owe it to you.”

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