“I’m pretty sure I’m the most frustrated drummer that ever lived,” Sarah Peacock quips to The Boot. The singer-songwriter troubadour has plenty of experience under her belt, though: She’s logged 1.2 million miles and 2,800 shows over 14 years, doing it all courtesy of anonymous donations from generous fans who have helped buy Peacock out of stringent record deals, purchase buses and fund tours when all hope seemed loss.

There’s a reason Peacock, with her bourbon-smooth alto and dramatic flair, has connected so fiercely with her fans. On “Lady MacGyver,” she blasts through her bluegrass-rock anthem with passionate joy.

“I wrote this song about my friend, Kristi. We call her Lady MacGyver because she’s always fixing stuff around her farm, doing her own home renovations, and making trips to Home Depot to buy new tools. The coolest part is that she’s never needed a man to help her with any of it,” Peacock gushes. “She’s just a natural, bonafide badass! We met a few years ago when I rented her garage apartment on Airbnb while house hunting in Nashville. We’ve been friends ever since!”

Peacock's "Lady MacGyver" music video was an outlet for her to challenge herself. “I love to play the drums, but most of my fans have no clue that I can really hold down the groove on a kit," she shares.

"“Lady MacGyver” is all about women defying stereotypes and gender roles. For this one, there was no better way to drive the message of the song than to defy my own role and what’s normal for me," Peacock adds.

While “Lady MacGyver” is dedicated to another person, it can just easily describe Peacock and her ethos. For example, she is bringing an all-woman ensemble on tour in 2020. While there is a robust movement of country singers calling for gender equality onstage, Peacock is modeling the same parity on the sides and back of the house.

Fans can keep up with Peacock at SarahPeacockMusic.com.

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