Sara Petite's "The Misfits" music video embraces an old-school aesthetic. Press play above to watch the new clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Petite's new video opens with a distinctly retro graphic: "Sara Petite Presents The Misfits" it reads in an '80s style, on the screen of an old television set. Throughout the song, the singer-songwriter and her band perform on that screen, cassette tapes and old radio dials creating a backdrop.

“This song was inspired by a drunken night with my musician friends and soulmates," Petite tells The Boot. "It’s about love, the truth and being yourself; it’s also about how the artists and great orators of the world, by speaking their truth, are sometimes the lion or the sacrificial lamb. It’s about ... [b]eing in the foxhole with your compadre and laying it down rock 'n' roll style!”

"The Misfits" is the lead single from -- and the mission statement of -- Rare Bird, Petite's forthcoming new album; it's her sixth record and is due out on Feb. 26, via JTM Music. Along with her touring band, fiddle player Bobby Furgo and guitarist Mike Butler play on the project. Rare Bird was largely produced by Petite with Ben Moore, but "The Misfits" is one of the final songs produced by late Grammy-winning producer David Bianco, who teamed up with Petite for the song but died during the early stages of her album creation process.

A Sumner, Wash., native, Petite began her career a decade and a half ago, after moving to San Diego, Calif. Her first album was 2006's Tiger Mountain, while her most recent is Road Less Traveled, released in 2016.

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