Sara Evans was on vacation when consultant Keith Hill's sexist comments about women on country radio riled everyone up. But now she's back, and she's not going unheard.

The singer made her voice heard loud and clear on Facebook on Tuesday (June 2), sharing her thoughts in a post that is accompanied by a photo of Evans wearing a camouflage hat that reads "bra country," a humorous riff on "bro-country."

Evans explains she was on vacation visiting her mom and family in Missouri, so she's just now hearing about Hill's comments. Her reaction? "I’m appalled!" she states, before going on to recap Hill's advice to radio decision-makers, which included limiting the amount of women played on country radio and certainly not playing them back to back, all in the name of higher ratings.

Hill's comments ruffled a lot of feathers, but his comparison of country's female artists to tomatoes (i.e., a garnish, rather than the bulk of the metaphorical salad that is country music) definitely has Evans seeing red.

"I’ve been very outspoken on this topic over the past few years and STRONGLY believe that there should be a better balance of the songs played on country radio," Evans writes. "Our genre has a long history of incredible songs written and sung by amazing female artists. Could you imagine a world with no "Coal Miner’s Daughter," "I Will Always Love You," "For My Broken Heart," "Wide Open Spaces," "Independence Day," "Jesus Take the Wheel," "A Little Bit Stronger" and SO many more?

"Those were all No. 1 songs at country radio," she adds, "and are songs of substance that say something and that move people."

Evans applauded the women who have already spoken out on this topic, including Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert, and, as the cherry on the top (or the tomato in the salad), concludes by saying, "I believe in great music, and I believe it should be heard. Let’s all raise our hands for more 'tomatoes' in our salad! ‪#‎BRACountry‬!"

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