Sara Evans is putting the finishing touches on her next album. The singer has been in the studio with her brother Matt Evans and producer Nathan Chapman. They're hoping to release a single next month, with the CD due later this year.

"I wrote every song except one with Nathan and my brother Matt," Evans says. "I am so pumped about this album. It's very country; it reminds me a lot of [my album] 'Born to Fly.' I think it may be the best one yet."

Evans reveals that the album, a follow-up to 'Real Fine Place' includes songs of hope and love. "I'm in a place writing this album that I've never been before, ever," she explains. "You can see that and you can hear that in my voice ... I've never been in a marriage with Jay and wrote an album before, and it shows."

Evans married former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker last year. The two live in Mountain Brook, Ala., with their combined brood of seven kids.

The Missouri native kicks off her 2009 tour this weekend in Auburn, Ala. Her tour this year will include stops at casinos, theaters, festivals and fairs.