Sara Evans is set to appear on ABC's 'Nashville.'

The singer joins the ranks of other country stars who have appeared on the hit television show. In the third season alone, Florida Georgia Line made an appearance in the premiere, and Luke Bryan shot a cameo too.

Evans is keeping herself incredibly busy, with the release of 'Slow Me Down' in the spring, an appearance on the new Doobie Brothers album and now her role on 'Nashville.'

"I’m still in shock," she tells Country Weekly. "None of that stuff ever seems real. It’s only a year or two later where you’re like, 'I really sang on a Doobie Brothers record. I really was on the TV show 'Nashville.'' Because when you’re in it and you’re doing it, you can’t see it for what it is. You’re just doing your job."

Country fans shouldn't get their hopes up on seeing Evans regularly on the screen, though. The star is simply too busy making music and is leaving the acting up to the actors.

"I've thought about it over the years," she admits. "I've been sent scripts for different movies and TV shows, but I’m so busy with my career, we've never been able to find the time. But I have so much respect for what these actors do. It is really hard work and a lot of time."

The episode featuring the 'No Place That Far' hitmaker airs Oct. 29 on ABC.