Sam Palladio is best known as singer-songwriter Gunnar Scott on the hit ABC drama Nashville, but Palladio himself shares a lot in common with his TV alter-ego. The British star, who calls Music City home, is hard at work on his own album, which he says is influenced by his current surroundings.

"I’ve been listening to country radio in the car now," Palladio tells The Boot. "It’s the thing that I do. I didn’t do it when I first got here, and now I’ll put a little country on. I think discovering, like, Americana music was a bit of a mind explosion for me; I really, really get into that. It’s a real heartfelt avenue of country music."

The 29-year-old, who can often be found performing in local venues around Nashville, says that he plans to hit the road for a tour this year and hopefully release some music.

"I think 2016’s going to be my year," Palladio says. "... It’s just a case of finding that time in between filming, because music means so much to me, I want to do it right, and that has some big pressure, but I’ve certainly got the right people around me to do it."

Nashville is scheduled to return on March 16.

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