Sam Lewis is giving readers of The Boot an exclusive listen to a track, "Reinventing the Blues," from his upcoming Waiting on You album.

The laid-back, relaxing and (not surprisingly) blues-y tune is what Lewis describes as a classic tale of lost romance.

"[It's] a pretty straightforward love loss story here," Lewis tells The Boot. "[A] woman’s left [the song's narrator], and he’s just trying to get through the work week, but to only find the weekend is even harder without her. Throw in some booze and a hooker, and you will be expecting him in church by Sunday instead of moping around in the kitchen wishing it didn't start all over again on Monday."

All 12 songs on Waiting on You, Lewis' sophomore album, were recorded in two and half days, with Lewis and his band playing together live at the Southern Ground studio, where Kris Kristofferson and Roy Orbison, among others, recorded some of their classics.

“It’s a bit of a blur,” Lewis says, “but I just wanted to make a record with people I knew. My first record, I didn't know any of those people, and there was something in that without a doubt, but this time around, I wondered what it would sound like if I was a lot more relaxed.”

Lewis released his self-titled debut disc in 2011, and although there are differences in the way he recorded Waiting on You, versus the way he recorded that first record, one thing hasn't changed: All of the tracks on the new disc, including "Reinventing the Blues," are glimpses into Lewis' own life.

“I live what I write,” he notes. “But the older I get, the more I find that some songs are actually ahead of my physical evolution. It’s weird. I live all of my songs, but some of ‘em, I think I haven’t yet lived through.”

Waiting on You will be released on April 21. The album is available for pre-order on Lewis' website.

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