Who wants to have a house party with Sam Hunt? [Insert everyone's raised hands here.] The singer has debuted his fun-filled "House Party" music video, and we've got to say, the boy knows how to keep the party going on stage and off.

From tiny tour bus concerts to full-blown shows in London, this video gives fans an up-close-and-personal look at life on the road with the enigmatic Hunt. The clip follows the singer and his band as they tear up the stage, interact with adoring fans and load up the tour bus every night. And in between stage time, they make sure to have a whole lot of fun, hitting up arcade rooms, participating in high-intensity rounds of laser tag, playing ping-pong and heading outside for some Wiffle ball.

"House Party" is the third single from Hunt's debut record Montevallo, and the upbeat song's lyrics set the scene: “Let’s have a house party / We don’t need nobody / Turn your TV off, break that boombox out," Hunt sings. "We’ll wake up all the neighbors ’til the whole block hates us / And the cops show up, try to shut us down / If you’re gonna be a homebody / We’re gonna have a house party."

The singer wrote "House Party" with Jerry Flowers and Zach Crowell.

"We didn’t want to write a party song. We wanted to try to write it from a different angle," Hunt says, "and that’s when the girl came into play, and the homebody thing came in after that.

“With a song called "House Party," you’d expect it to be more about a big party, not as much about a relationship," he explains, "so we tried to put a little bit of a unique twist on it.”

Hunt recently performed the song at the 2015 CMT Music Awards, where he also won Breakthrough Video of the Year. He's currently out on tour with Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, on Lady A's Wheels Up 2015 Tour.

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