Sam Grow knows the cure for heartbreak: a night out with friends. And where better to get over an ex than Nashville's famous Lower Broadway?

Grow's new "Whiskey Bound" music video — premiering exclusively on The Boot — chronicles a bar-hopping party in Music City. The Julian Mendoza-directed clip follows a group of revelers who spend a night "cheers"-ing away their problems; Grow's performance, meanwhile, was filmed at a studio in East Nashville.

"They say summer is for love, but summer can also be for breakups," Grow says. "So I wanted to make a song for my newly single folks out there and let them know that sometimes a little whiskey can help the situation!"

Grow released "Whiskey Bound" as a single on June 25. He wrote the song solo, and Colt Ford — who co-founded Grow's record label, Average Joes Entertainment — and Noah Gordon co-produced it.

A Mechanicsville, Md., native, whose family moved to Winfield, Kan., when he was a toddler, Grow began songwriting at the age of 10. After he moved back to Maryland with his father following his parents' divorce, the then-high schooler began playing guitar; his dad bought him the instrument — by maxing out his credit card, nonetheless — only after Grow promised to use it to create his own music, not just to play covers of his favorites.

Grow first visited Nashville, with his father, when he was 15 years old. He moved to Music City in 2013 and released several projects independently, then signed with Average Joes in 2019 — the same year he released his Love & Whiskey album.

Grow's next record is due out this fall. Fans can keep up with the artist at

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