Country duo Rylan Brooks channel their failed attempts at love into "Hands Off," an early rock 'n' roll-influenced romp that will have you dancing in no time. The song is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

Written by Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks, "Hands Off" tells the story of a protagonist who spots the object of his affection on a dancefloor. Over a barroom-ready melody, he tries his best moves, only to be rebuffed by "some fella [who] said he was her brother / And, 'If I want a partner, then I'd better find another.'" The second verse recalls an encounter with an undercover police officer (whoops!), and a final verse remembers a "cute little blondie" who takes off with all his money.

"Well, you’d better think again if you think you’re gettin’ lucky," the pair caution in the chorus. "Keep your hands off / Hands off, buddy."

"We tried writing a love song, but at the time, all our experiences with love were failures," Rylan and Brooks tell The Boot, "so, we wrote "Hands Off.""

Rylan Brooks enlisted a skilled band of backing musicians for "Hands Off," and they say the crew "really let loose" in the studio. Guthrie Trapp, Steve Hinson and Michael Spriggs play guitar, while Eli Beaird is on bass and Mark Beckett is behind the drumkit -- but it's Jimmy Wallace's piano that really helps this track shine.

Both Rylan and Brooks are former long-haul truckers who used to travel the country together and find time to make music in between runs. They wrote their first song at a Georgia motel, and then began playing roadhouses when they were off the clock.

"We used to spitball lyrics while driving. It started off with some very tongue-in-cheek stuff inspired by writers like Shel Silverstein," Brooks remembers. "As we kept playing, we realized this music was a great outlet for any kind of story we wanted to tell ... especially stories about our own experience out here on the road."

"Hands Off" comes from Rylan Brooks' If Wishes Were Horses, a 10-track record. It's the duo's second full-length effort, following 2018 Half Wild, and was produced by Dean Miller, the son of country great Roger Miller.

If Wishes Were Horses is due out on March 12. Find more information at

Listen to Rylan Brooks' "Hands Off"

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