Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ryan Culwell longs for a fresh start in his powerful new single "Let's Go Crazy," premiering exclusively on The Boot.

The expertly-penned track finds the Texas native examining the world through the eyes of a protective parent and worried husband, ready to risk it all to give his loved ones a simpler and more content life.

"Oh baby let's go crazy, leave this town with all our babies / raise them like my mama raised me / Heard you in the kitchen praying, it ain't even gonna save us," Culwell proclaims.

"I’ve had this song in my back pocket for a few years now and it has had several different endings," Cullwell tells The Boot. "Eventually I was thinking about 'Row Row Row Your Boat' and how absurd that sentiment is, and I let that inform the ending for 'Let’s Go Crazy,' drifting out into a soft repetitive haze after all the angular verses."

Listen to "Let's Go Crazy" below.

Culwell's 2018 record The Last American served as a stunning, brutally honest look at what it's like to navigate everyday life in the United States. That critically acclaimed project was recorded over the course of a year, while Culwell's upcoming LP came together in the studio over the course of just four days.

His third studio album Run Like A Bull finds Culwell narrowing his creative focus back to an intimately personal level, with each song exploring both the beauty and darkness of the human experience. He recruited longtime friend and collaborator Neilson Hubbard to produce Run Like A Bull, along with his bandmates Juan Solorzano, Kris Donegan, and Will Kimbrough and guest vocalists Caroline Spence, Natalie Schlabs and Betsy Phillips.

Run Like A Bull will be released on January 28, 2022. You can find more information on Ryan Culwell and his upcoming record via his official website.

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