These days, Runaway June have plenty of opportunities to hear their single "Buy My Own Drinks" on country radio. However, the first time they ever heard their music on the radio, the trio was in a Louisiana radio station. To learn more about the story of that day, as told in Runaway June's own words, read on!

Yeah, [we remember the first time we heard ourselves on the radio] -- we remember every time we've heard ourselves on the radio! We were in Baton Rouge in Louisiana, and we were on the radio tour, and the program director was like, "Well, why don't we just play it right now?" We were like, "What?!"

We were in the studio when they played it, so we were hearing it, like, in the studio, and I remember we were walking out, and a couple of girls at the station were walking in, and were like, "Oh, we just heard you on the radio!" We were like, "You mean in the car?! Like in the actual car?!" They were like, "Yeah, where else would we hear it?"

And we just thought that was the coolest thing. The idea of people driving around at that hour, hearing us for the first time, was so crazy. [When we hear our songs on the radio now, we] turn it up -- and call everyone [we] know! Roll the windows down and sing along.

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