Powerhouse trio Runaway June found a hit in their 2018 single "Buy My Own Drinks," which touts independence and a solo night out on the town as an antidote to a breakup. It's the first peek into Blue Roses, a 10-track project that is set for release on June 28.

"Buy My Own Drinks" is an anthemic ode to girl power, and for good reason: Four women, including the three members of Runaway June, had a hand in writing the song. However, funny enough, the only man in the room was responsible for its title. To learn more about how the song came to be, as told by Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne, read on.

[Writing] "Buy My Own Drinks" was fun. We all wrote that together with two awesome songwriters in Nashville, [Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey].

It was four girls and a guy, and the guy actually came in with the title! He was like, "I have this title, and it's called "Buy My Own Drinks," but I don't know what it means." We were like, "We do!"

It just kind of snowballed from there. I think my favorite line was one that Hannah [Mulholland] said in the write, which was "I can be my own boyfriend." I just feel like the crowd goes crazy every time we sing that line. That's a fun little moment.

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