When Rosehill’s best friend and original drummer lost his life to suicide, it had a deep effect on the country duo. In response, Blake Myers and Mitch McBain have initiated the Save a Life Tonight suicide prevention campaign to help remove the stigma of depression and shed light on the issue.

Myers and McBain recorded the song ‘The Bible and the Gun’ for Rosehill’s album, ‘Crooked Thoughts,’ in honor of their friend. After the release of the song, they received an email from a fan who was considering suicide.

“This song saved my life a few weeks back,” the email said. “Right when everything seemed hopeless, I heard this song. I heard it on the radio never before this and never since. Now it is in my playlist and I listen to it everyday! I'm sure you've heard this from people that want something from you, but I had to tell you and all I want is to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”

The email helped Rosehill realize that they could use the song and video to spread the message about suicide prevention -- all proceeds from ‘The Bible and the Gun’ single sales will go directly to the organization working to prevent suicide.

To learn more about the Save a Life Tonight campaign, visit their website.