Singer-songwriter Ronnie Fauss is celebrating the one-year anniversary of his sophomore album with New West Records, Built to Break, by releasing several acoustic videos. The Boot has the exclusive premiere of the clip for "Come on Down."

The video is from a show at which Fauss performed his entire album backwards -- meaning that "Come on Down," Built to Break's final track, kicked off the show. It's a blue-collar, working-class song, a look at small-town America.

""Come on Down" is about the values we pass down from generation to generation. I wrote it around the time my son was born," Fauss tells The Boot. "My goal was to take an honest look at the struggles of daily life and respond to those struggles with hope and optimism.

The lyrics to "Come on Down" are simple and relatable: The lines "I used to drive around in my father's car / When I was just a teen / Chasing those girls until the early morn" reflect on years spent growing up in a small town, while the chorus paints another picture.

"Come on down to our factories / Come on down to our farms / Come on down to our steel mills / Don't mean you any harm," the chorus goes. "Come on down to our small towns / Come inside our humble homes / This work may break our bodies / But it will not break our soul."

Fauss' record Built to Break dropped on Nov. 4, 2014, and though "Come on Down" is subtle, most of the album is gritty and rock-based. The project is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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