Ronnie Dunn's association with his record label, Arista Nashville, has concluded after more 20 years, according to the legendary singer. The imprint that released his self-titled solo album last year falls under the Sony Music Nashville umbrella and was home to Brooks & Dunn for the length of their career.

"Deal with Sony is over," Ronnie wrote on Facebook last night (June 7). "Next chapter. Moving on."

The Texas native hasn't been shy when it comes to his frustration with his former label home. It looks to have started when he began soliciting fan opinions in regard to his next radio single.

On May 15, he wrote: "Got a call from Sony today ... said that my FB post killed the Let The Cowboy Rock single. Holy s---, I didn't know people in the music business read this stuff !! 8 weeks (2 months) at #30 on one chart. :) A very appreciative shout out to the promo team. We just haven't picked the right song. Keep the faith ! RD"

Fans then weighed in and decided on the tune, "Once," prompting Ronnie to post a message to radio programmers, bypassing his label, on May 18. "Hey, RADIO...will you start playing ONCE? If a FB post can kill a single, then maybe it can get one to the top? Maybe we can make CNN...! Just sneak it in on your lunch break. My name is Ronnie Dunn and I approve this message! RD"

Last came this somewhat cryptic note, possibly asking the label to pick a new single, and citing the sales increase that could have come from Cracker Barrel's re-release of the self-titled album. "Come on SONY pick one...light it up. CD just jumped from "off the chart" to #14...somebody's working something. Cracker Barrel ? RD"

You can still catch Ronnie on the road. His next stop is June 16 in Spring, Texas. Get a full list of dates here.

Watch Ronnie Perform "Cost of Livin'"

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