Singer-songwriter Ron Pope is premiering the music video for his song "Southern Cross" exclusively on The Boot.

The "Southern Cross" music video is simple, but it's likely to make viewers want to do a little bit of dancing. Throughout the clip, Pope and others let loose to the tune -- but there's no choreographed dance moves here; rather, their fancy footwork (Pope's especially) gets looser as the song progresses.

"And when I'm lost / You are my true north / Carry the weight / Of my Southern cross," Pope sings in the chorus of "Southern Cross. "And though it burns / You don't feel the hurt / You were born from the dust, you were raised in the dirt."

Among the dancers in Pope's new video are YouTube star Meghan Tonjes and fitness guru Prince Brathwaite. They're both close friends of Pope's, and near the end of the clip, the singer can be seen dancing with each of them. Readers can press play on the video above to watch.

A Georgia native, Pope has released a handful of albums as part of the band the District and five as a solo artist, but his most recent project, January's Ron Pope & the Nighthawks -- on which fans can find "Southern Cross" -- is his first with his new band. His music has been featured on, among others, 90210 and The Vampire Diaries. In 2015, Pope guest-starred as himself on an episode of Nashville.

Ron Pope & the Nighthawks is available for download on iTunes.