Nashville singer-songwriter Rod Picott is premiering "Fire Inside," a new song from his forthcoming double album and accompanying collection of short stories, with The Boot. Readers can play below to hear the song and watch him perform the track.

According to Picott, "Fire Inside" is about a daily commitment to defying expectations: "Sometimes we need reminding that we have more power and possibilities than we can see on the surface of our lives," the artist tells The Boot.

"I’ll be going down swinging when I go. I was born with some small skills and some big limitations, but I won’t let them define me. I’ll fight my limitations or find another way around the wall," Picott adds. "The song is meant to make the listener embrace that concept as well. Hold onto your fire."

Picott's forthcoming album, Out Past the Wires, was written before the collection of thematically similar short stories that accompanies it. The collection of 22 songs is rooted in his rough-around-the-edges, blue-collar ethos, driven home by his gravelly voice and simple instrumentation; it's set for release on March 30.

In addition to Out Past the Wires, Picott has penned two books of short fiction, published poetry and written a screenplay in the years following the release of his 2015 album Fortune, his 10th album. Hie has spent nearly 20 years in Nashville.

Fans can catch Picott out on the road in the United States and United Kingdom throughout the end of the summer. Visit for more information.

Listen to Rod Picott, "Fire Inside":

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