Folk / Americana band Roanoke are premiering their new song "Jordan" exclusively for The Boot readers.

Florida native Joey Beesley and Michigan native Taylor Dupuis lead Roanoke, which also includes Zach Nowak (mandolin and vocals), Kyle Breese (drums, banjo and harmonica) and Jo Cleary (violin). Beesley and Dupuis' impeccable harmonies soar and drop throughout "Jordan," and they sing gorgeous a cappella for almost one and a half minutes at the tune's beginning. However, when the band comes in, it becomes a high-energy, infectious track.

Dupuis wrote "Jordan" after seeing Alison Krauss perform a harmonized a cappella song in Nashville.

""Jordan," after the river Jordan, is a song about the struggle that many people have with faith," the band tells The Boot. "Although it does have some biblical references, it is written with this in mind: People are always making mistakes and looking for forgiveness, and some even use religion as an escape from their past. People attach themselves to god to find something to believe in that helps them move forward, but religion isn't always the answer, and people will most likely make those same mistake again."

In particular, Roanoke call out the lines "I've been to the river / Watched those sinners pray / I have been forgiven / But still I've lost my way."

"That line was written because so many people latch on to religion and think that they are above others because they 'found god,'" Roanoke explain, "[when] in reality, they are still sinning, they are still the same people ..."

In the song's chorus, Roanoke earnestly sing, "Jordan, won't you save me? / I'm barely holding on / Jordan, can't you hear me? / Take my faith, and bring me home."

"Jordan" is a song with enough honesty to make an impact; the vocals, arrangement, lyrics and melody come together in a way that will make fans want to listen again and again. Press play below to hear it.

Roanoke will release their self-titled debut album on May 13. "Jordan" is available now via iTunes.

Listen to Roanoke, "Jordan":

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