Alt-country singer-songwriter RJ Comer is premiering the music video for his song "Under a Lover's Moon" with The Boot. Readers can press play below to get an exclusive first look at the clip.

Comer's "Under a Lover's Moon" video features the artist performing the song out in the woods at night, under a full moon, as he and his "camera-shy" wife Deborah stroll and dance around the property. The couple wrote the track "about trading in our decades together in urban Los Angeles for a new life in the Tennessee woods," Comer tells The Boot, and shot the video at their new home.

"This music video is so current and autobiographical it is more aptly considered a documentary musical," Comer says. "Deborah works the business side of our musical partnership; she'd never written a song before."

Bill Filipiak directed the "Under a Lover's Moon" music video, while the song itself was produced by Shawn Byrne and features fiddler Daniel Foulks and slide guitarist Randy Kohrs. The song appears on One Last Kiss, Comer's forthcoming new album; it's Comer's first full-length release as a solo artist, but his sixth overall.

A native of Chicago, Ill., Comer's path to a career in music wasn't a smooth one. Thirty years ago, he dropped out of music school and, subsequently, spent several years living in poverty and dealing with violence and addiction. A weekend spent in a Mississippi jail convinced him to straighten things out; he earned a full scholarship to law school and became a lawyer -- but music kept calling. When his side-gig blues-rock band, the Dance Hall Pimps, found success, Comer was able to officially (and finally) make music his full-time job.

One Last Kiss is due out on June 15. Visit for more details.

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