Riley Green's single "There Was This Girl" was the first No. 1 hit not only for the artist himself, but also for Erik Dylan, the singer and songwriter who co-wrote the song. The two are frequent collaborators and good friends, and hearing the song on the radio for the first time was a special experience for both of them. Read on as Green and Dylan recount where they were the first time they heard "There Was This Girl" on the radio, and how they find time to celebrate, despite Green's taxing tour schedule. 

Riley Green: I was coming back from a hunting trip in Georgia, and one of those stations in Atlanta were pretty early on playing it.

It's weird. You hear the song eight billion times in the studio, and then you're going to shoot the video and all that -- but hearing it on the radio is a different feel, for sure.

Erik Dylan: I heard it [on the radio for the first time] when I was driving to Music Row. It's pretty surreal when that happens.

Green: You probably called me!

Dylan: I think I did call you. I think I sent you a screenshot, too, just like everybody else, to say, "Hey, your song's on the radio!" ...

It's been a whirlwind, because we wrote songs, and then the record deal happened so quick, and we celebrated that. Then they had you out on radio tour, and the song was on the radio so quick, that I feel like the whole last year was a celebration.

[We celebrate with] lots of texts, because he's always in an airport somewhere. I don't think [he] even knows where [he is] half the time.

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