Kentucky-born singer-songwriter Rhyan Sinclair is premiering her new song "Selfishly, Heartlessly," and its accompanying music video, exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to listen and watch.

Sinclair tells The Boot that she wrote "Selfishly, Heartlessly" about "universal heartbreak" -- not just the romantic kind, "but every type, however you can relate to it." Melodically, Patsy Cline was a major inspiration for the track.

The video for the downtempo, vintage-inspired "Selfishly, Heartlessly" takes place where many great country songs are set: inside a honky-tonk. In the clip, Sinclair is "sort of the spirit of the song -- like when you hear an old classic and you feel the spirit of the singer," she explains. Her distinctive soprano is raw and youthful, with just enough scratch to make it sound old-school; syrupy pedal steel pairs with a plodding melody, goosebump-inducing notes and bright harmonies to bring a little lightness to a song that's decidedly a bit of a downer.

Vulnerably sharing those emotions — the good and the bad — is important to Sinclair: “I hope people know that I can be counted on to share raw emotions, whether it’s heartbreak or joy,” she says. “I just want it to feel as real and intimate to someone listening to the album as it felt to me when I wrote it."

"Selfishly, Heartlessly" appears on Sinclair's forthcoming solo debut, titled Barnstormer, set for release on June 22. Visit for more details.

"My hope is that these songs will speak to people on a soul level," Sinclair adds. "I think it is such a liberating thing when you hear a song that understands you and what you’re going through. That’s always my goal.”

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