Rhonda Vincent will kick off the new year with the release of a two-disc set, 'Only Me.' The new record will combine her love of both bluegrass and country music, with each disc containing six songs.

Vincent had a few special guests join her on the upcoming project. Daryle Singletary sings with the songstress on 'We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds,' while Willie Nelson joins her on the title track.

“The bluegrass pickers on this song are some of the best that I have ever heard. When I think of bluegrass, this is the sound that I hear,” Nelson boasts. “Rhonda’s voice is beautiful. I am thankful for her letting me be a part of it all.”

'Only Me' will be released on Jan. 28 on Upper Management Music. See a complete track listing below.

Vincent will spend the first part of 2014 on the road. See all of her upcoming shows here.

Rhonda Vincent, 'Only Me' Track Listing:

Disc One: Bluegrass
1. 'Busy City'
2. 'I’d Rather Hear I Don’t Love You (Than Nothing at All)'
3. 'Only Me' (Feat. Willie Nelson)
4. 'I Need Somebody Bad Tonight'
5. 'We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds' (Feat. Daryle Singletary)
6. 'It’s Never Too Late'

Disc Two: Country
1. 'Teardrops Over You'
2. 'Once a Day'
3. 'Beneath Still Waters'
4. 'Bright Lights & Country Music'
5. 'When the Grass Grows Over Me'
6. 'Drivin’ Nails'