Bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent has joined the ranks of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones in a poll from the Huffington Post naming the best albums of all time that have the worst cover art.

Vincent's 1990 release 'A Dream Come True' made the list.

“Hey, look! Your Sunday School teacher made an album!" the story says. "The hair. The sequins. The font. The blush. The lavender. The hair. Everything about this screams the early ‘80s (which is all the dorkier considering that the record came out in the early ‘90s)."

But the article doesn't just rip on terrible covers, being quick to recognize that 'A Dream Come True' is one of the best bluegrass releases in 30 years by saying, "If you are able to unsee that awkwardness, the performances on this extraordinary debut are all utterly thrilling."

As for Vincent, who creates her own album artwork, she's accepting her appearance on the list as an honor.

"To have my music recognized 20 years after its release as one of the best albums of all time is a cool thing, and pretty amazing,” she says in a press release. "I've learned so much since this CD, and now I have the tools and knowledge to make a better album cover!"

We'll see how well her next artwork goes over when her new album is released in January.