Nashville singer-songwriter Renee Wahl is premiering "To the Bone," the bracing, moody title track of her forthcoming new album, with The Boot. Readers can press play below to get an exclusive first listen.

Inspired by vintage hucksters and con artists of old, Wahl explores the age-old issue of knowing who to trust — especially with your heart — in "To the Bone." "I was thinking about snake oil salesmen when I got the idea for the song," Wahl shares with The Boot. 

"It's about relying on people to fix your life when they really don't have your best interest at heart," she adds, "those people willing to take advantage of another for their own gain."

In "To the Bone," Wahl makes it clear that she's not falling for anyone's tricks: "'Cause I’ll string you up and strip you down / Tie you to the horse you rode into town," Wahl sings in the track's pulsing chorus. "I’ll make you take back / Things you never stole / Have you prayin’ forgiveness on your soul / I’ll cut you to the bone."

An Air Force veteran and literal rocket scientist, Wahl is now a purveyor of pure outlaw Americana. In March, she'll release Cut to the Bone, her sophomore full-length album.

“This is the first record I’ve made that I find myself listening to,” she says. “And it’s not that I’m listening to me; it’s the entire sound of it — the sonics, the playing, the way it makes you feel. I really like listening to it, which is surprising to me.”

Cut to the Bone is due out on March 15. Visit for more details.

Listen to Renee Wahl, "To the Bone":

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