As tornado warnings hovered over Nashville last night (April 11), during the celebration of Reba McEntire's No. 1 single 'Turn on the Radio,' they reminded the singer of the day she was filming the video for the song.

"We were having tornado warnings that day too," Reba told a group of music industry VIPs who had gathered to help her celebrate her 60th Top 10 hit -- and 35th No. 1. "I thank all of you for braving the stormy weather to come out for this. I guess every time we hear storm warnings we'll think to 'Turn on the Radio' for storm coverage," the singer quipped.

The party, held in the lobby of Reba's Starstruck Entertainment offices on Nashville's Music Row, was also a celebration of songwriters Cherie Oakley, Thomas Mark Oakley and J.P. Twang, who were celebrating the first No. 1's of their respective careers.

"For Reba McEntire, a legend, an icon, to record one of my songs is so incredible," Cherie told the crowd. "She has inspired me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. This day means the world to me; I cannot express to you how I feel."

Mark, Cherie's husband, was also nearly speechless as he thanked everyone for coming, adding, "Reba is unbelievable, and to have her sing a song we wrote is so incredible. She's an amazing singer and for someone like her to take us to the next level has made my dreams come true. It's been an amazing ride."

Reba had equal praise for the songwriters, saying, "I love to perform this song. When we go into it and the audience is right there with us, on their feet, it is just too much fun. I thank you for allowing me to record the song!"

The singer paused a moment and added, "And don't forget me when you write another song you're ready to pitch! You've got my number."

Reba was presented a number of plaques and awards for the single. She was also recognized by Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 countdown for having the number one single in 2010 with her tune 'Consider Me Gone.' 'Turn on the Radio' is Reba's 35th Billboard chart-topper, the second from her 'All the Women I Am' CD. Her current single is 'When Love Gets a Hold of You."

Reba learned last month that she will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year, along with Jean Shepard and songwriter Bobby Braddock.

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