Shelby, Narvel and Reba McEntire

With her youngest child soon to be out of his teens, Reba McEntire says she's at a calm and happy place in her life, and that she's proud of all of her children. "I don't consider Brandon, Chassidy and Shawna [husband Narvel Blackstock's children from his first marriage] step-children ... I claim them all," Reba tells The Boot.

Reba and Narvel's son, Shelby, turns 20 later this month, and the superstar says she and her husband still wonder what he's going to be like in another five years, adding that he keeps them guessing. "Shelby has brought us a lot of years of joy and laughter. He's a funny guy. He's in college now, but you don't know from day to day if that will last or where he will be next week."

Reba says all of the children have taught her one important lesson. "You have to stand firm on what you tell kids to do but then stand back and be patient and see how they're going to react. That's hard for us, to be patient."

And even if their son weren't in college, Reba, 54, has plenty of other reasons to feel calm and happy lately. She says it's pretty darn good being Reba McEntire these days. "I've talked to other ladies my age, and I think when you get in your middle 50's, you're more comfortable in your own skin. You like yourself more and all the things that worried you before are not such a big deal. You don't worry if people like you, or like what you do; you really just don't care if they like it or not, if you do. So you're happy and feel good about yourself. If your family and friends are happy and healthy, and you're happy and healthy, that's the icing on the cake."

Reba is currently on tour with George Strait and Lee Ann Womack and recently released her latest single, "I Keep on Loving You."

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