Reba's Place is officially open for business! Reba McEntire hopped on social media on Saturday (Jan. 28) to show off her new hot spot in Atoka, Okla. in celebration of the grand opening, which took place on Thursday (Jan. 26.)

McEntire began by serenading fans with a few bars of her signature song, "Fancy," with the bar and dining room -- plus a huge red sign bearing the country star's name hanging on the wall.

"Reba's Place, Atoka, Oklahoma. Come and see us," the singer continues, flashing a grin. From there, the video jumps into a montage of highlights of the Reba's Place experience: From scrumptious-looking dinner dishes to fruity cocktails and a lofted second story, McEntire's new eatery and bar comes complete with all the amenities for a casual, fun night out. Of course, the space boasts a centrally-located stage, ready and waiting for a variety of musical acts to entertain patrons.

According to ABC affiliate WKRN-TV News 2, McEntire described the experience of opening her own restaurant as "a dream come true" during the grand opening festivities.

"I get another excuse to get to come home to our state," she continued. "It's going to help our town, it's going to help the community, it's going to bring jobs in."

Every detail of the Reba's Place menu is personalized to McEntire's upbringing and favorite foods: Items available for order include boiled peanut hummus, Nashville-style hot chicken, and "slow smoked Choctaw beef brisket," according to WKRN.

"Her hands are all over this place here tonight," Janie Dillard, the senior executive officer of the Choctaw Nation's division of commerce, told guests who visited Reba's Place during the grand opening.

"She says, 'The team did this, the team did that.' No, she's a woman very involved. She's a savvy businesswoman," Dillard continued. "She's picked out every dish you've got on your table tonight. She's picked out every color. Draperies, color schemes, color palettes. Everything. She's been so engaged."

Photos from the newly-opened establishment also show cozy booths where diners can enjoy a quiet meal, plus a row of cocktails on the bar and chandeliers hung from the building's high ceilings. In addition to the food and music on offer, patrons can view some of McEntire's own iconic outfits, which are hung in glass cases inside Reba's Place.

McEntire announced plans to open Reba's Place in November 2021, which means the grand opening has been over a year in the making. The restaurant was constructed in a century-old Masonic temple and features two stories.

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