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Reba McEntire's fans are tuning in to their favorite station to hear the country icon's new single, 'Turn on the Radio.' It is the debut tune from her new album, as yet untitled, that will release in November. The single will be available on iTunes on August 3.

"I fell for the song immediately," says Reba.' "I love that it's an up-tempo, strong woman song about a woman who has been done wrong by her lover and is telling him to turn on the radio if he wants to hear from her through their favorite song. Dann Huff (producer) and the musicians did a wonderful job bringing the heart beat out in the song. It gets your attention from the very start of the song."

Reba hints in the September 2010 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine that she may push the envelope a bit on the new project. "I've done the most traditional country music possible, and then I've gone way over the line on doing a lot of songs that were not traditional country music. I'm going on my 35th year in the music business," she says. "Always experimenting and trying to do something different has something to do with why I've been in this business as long as I have."

While Reba thinks her career has been boosted by her diversity, she also credits another source for her success. "Hard work and great collaborators have helped a lot. But it's truly by the grace of God. I've had so much help from God, saying, 'You need to do this. Take this path.' And I always listened. He's always been my best friend, and He's always guided me. He's my best tour manager. He's always directed me right."

She goes on to say that she thinks there are only two kinds of songs: good and bad. "What always appeals to me is the song. And whether it's a little more traditional, or a little more contemporary, that's what I'm going to sing. Of course, when I sing it, it's going to be country. The instrumentation is what changes it to something that's more contemporary or traditional."

Reba's new album will be in stores on November 9. It is the follow-up to her gold album (sales of 500,000+), 'Keep On Loving You,' which was released less than a year ago, and will be her second for The Valory Music Co. Reba remains the female artist with the most RIAA certified album sales in country music history.

One of the singles from that album, 'Consider Me Gone," put her among only one of three female artists whose single remained at the top of the country singles charts for more than three weeks. Her peers in that category are Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson. The title track, 'I Keep on Loving You," was Reba's 63rd top ten single.