Reba McEntire wasn't planning on becoming her own manager -- in fact, she didn't even desire it. But in a recent interview with The Contributor, she reflects, "That's life."

McEntire was interviewed by the Nashville-based paper which is sold by homeless vendors. Just as The Contributor's vendors are overcomers, McEntire has proved that too -- most recently, through her unwanted management move.

News about her split from former management company Starstruck Entertainment, of which her former husband Narvel Blackstock, is president and CEO, broke at the end of March.

The couple's divorce was finalized at the end of October 2015, and since then, McEntire's life has changed quite dramatically.

Newly single, McEntire opens up about the management move. "I was pretty much forced to do it," she admits. “It wasn’t my choice to take over my career as manager. I didn’t see it coming, but you know, that’s life.”

McEntire is now president of Reba’s Business Incorporated (RBI), and with the move, she'll be in charge of her own career, with help from associate manager/tour manager Carolyn Snell, brand manager Leslie Matthews and controller Theresa Connelly. RBI will operate out of the same location as Starstruck with Justin McIntosh will working with both RBI and Starstruck Entertainment as vice president of creative and marketing.

Though it was not McEntire's choice to take over her career, she's not letting it get her down. The Grammy winner has pulled herself up by her bootstraps many times. She co-produced her own albums (when it wasn't the norm), performed on Broadway, launched a clothing career and starred in a sitcom, all in addition to her noteworthy country career.

“I’m adaptable; that’s a very important word,” she says. “I’m a person who likes change, accepts it and knows it’s part of living. But I also believe change brings and encourages growth. Even mistakes you learn from – and it helps take you to the places you need to go or be."

Now, in the new role as her own manager, McEntire isn't letting any amount of fear or nerves stop her. Instead, she's looking at the bright side, explaining, "I’m getting a business education. Looking back, I’m amazed at how much I didn’t know about how this business works, and I didn’t realize. And I always thought I was a pretty good business woman.”

She's part of a team that supports one another, and for that, she's grateful. “Everyone around me has the same goals – and we’re all committed to doing things we’ve never done before. If it’s fresh and new and it’s adventuresome, we’re ready."

McEntire has said before that there's a whole lot more she wants to do: "Another TV show. A Western movie … I’d love to tour more. I’m so enjoying the residency at Caesars Palace with Brooks & Dunn … Continuing recording. I’d love to be in the studio in the coming years if the fans still want me there.”

There's no stopping McEntire -- and now that she's calling the shots, be prepared to see her blossom in a whole new way. Her Vegas residency with Brooks & Dunn is scheduled to run through 2017.

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