Reba McEntire has shared a clip of her new song "Enough," a duet with Jennifer Nettles. Based on the snippet, the tune cuts to the core, unveiling the pain of two women in love with the same man.

The lyrics are almost unsettlingly honest: "He tells me he's working late," sings McEntire. "He tells me that he can't stay too long," Netles croons, with both women joining together on, "So I turn the lights off."

They trade off lines again with, "I fall asleep before he's home / Tomorrow I'll wake up alone / Feeling that familiar low / My heart's screaming no," and anyone who's experienced that pain or been in a similar situation can quickly relate.

"I’m so excited to share another little tease of a song from my new album, Love Somebody!," McEntire says on Facebook. ""Enough” is a duet with my buddy Jennifer Nettles. She sang the fire out of this song, and I’m so glad she said yes to singing with me."

For fans who think that storyline of "Enough" sounds familiar, McEntire adds, "I like to refer to this song as the 2015 version of "Does He Love You,"" which is a song that McEntire recorded in 1993 as a duet with Linda Davis.

In "Enough," the gut-wrenching chorus continues, "But every time I think I've had enough / He comes around and wraps me up in love / And I wind up giving in / 'Cause he gives me just enough."

Ouch. It's a sad statement, but one that's so true for many women (and men). And at the end of the clip, both women agree that there's no happiness or satisfaction; it's just her, alone, wishing that she was still enough for her man.

"Enough" will appear on McEntire's upcoming record, Love Somebody, which also features her new (and decidedly upbeat) single, "Going Out Like That." The album boasts 12 tracks, plus two Target Exclusive tracks for fans who purchase the album there, and is set to be released on April 14.

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