Reba McEntire's career has certainly stood the test of time. The 58-year-old burst onto the country music scene in 1977 with her self-titled debut album, and has been working non-stop since then, recording music, starring in two hit TV shows, and even appearing on Broadway. It's a diverse career path that she acknowledges has given her an equally diverse fan base, which is exactly what she wants.

"I love it," she tells Jetset. "The ages of my fans span quite a few decades, and what they like about me varies also, whether it's the TV shows or my music. I like that."

The Oklahoma native says she looks up to other celebrities who use their fame and notoriety for good, and hopes to do the same with her steller reputation. "I'm a fan of big-hearted people. People who give of their time, their money and their love and are happier doing it," McEntire says. "Bob Hope taught me early on that it's very important to give back. I emcee the annual Fight Night benefit for Muhammad and Lonnie Ali, and I know that they do that all year long. They're always giving back. I have met so many people through them that are the biggest-hearted people I know. Some you would recognize and some you wouldn't. But God does -- stars in their crown!"

The country music superstar says that she understands that with her many blessings comes a very large responsibility. "God gave me a special talent that I know if I hadn't used it, He would have given it to someone else," she notes. "I respect, adore and cherish my talent. I'm very thankful for it! I never take it for granted."