Reba McEntire's new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum opens Friday (Aug. 9). 'Reba: All the Women I Am' will showcase memorabilia of the singer's iconic 37-year career, with items hand-picked by the singer.

“We started archiving years ago,” McEntire explains to Nashville's Tennessean. “When the Hall of Fame came and said we’d like to do an exhibit, we were halfway there.”

The self-described "pack rat" housed many of the items in her own home, but says she is happy to have them in a new location. "I have a four-car garage and there’s not a car in it,” she admits, adding that all of the items will have to find a new home after the exhibit closes.

“This stuff is not coming back here,” she insists. “That’s what my sister Alice said -- ‘What are you going to do, open a museum?’ I said, ‘Nope, someone else can, but I’m not.’ I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all, I guess just put it in a warehouse storage somewhere, but it’s not coming back here.”

The exhibit includes dresses from many of her memorable performances, including the sheer red dress from the 1993 CMA Awards and clothes from her Broadway performance in 'Annie, Get Your Gun,' plus trophies, shoes, and a letter memorializing her band members who were tragically killed in a plane accident in 1991. Items that did not fit in the display will be photographed and included in the exhibit or in a book also titled 'Reba: All the Women I Am.'

McEntire's exhibit will be open for 10 months and is located in the museum's East Gallery. More information is available here.