Reba McEntire will reunite with her former 'Reba' co-star, JoAnna Garcia, in an episode of the new ABC sitcom, 'Better With You,' on November 17. JoAnna stars as Mia on the show, and Reba will guest-star as a high-end wedding planner who tries to upstage Mia's upcoming nuptials. JoAnna first appeared as the country star's daughter, Cheyenne, on 'Reba.'

As the title character, Reba Hart, the singer portrayed a Southern soccer mom with three kids whose entire life was turned upside-down when her dentist husband got his hygienist (Melissa Peterman) pregnant. Additionally, Reba's 17-year-old daughter (JoAnna), was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, the captain of the football team. The series ran from 2001 to 2007 and can now be seen in syndication.

Next up for Reba is her appearance on ABC's 'Good Morning America' November 9, the same day her new album, 'All the Women I Am,' arrives in stores.

The superstar will also perform on the '44th Annual CMA Awards' November 10 on ABC.