The guys in Rascal Flatts are making a lot more than just music and babies these days. Chatting Monday (Jan. 30) with WZZK radio in Birmingham, Ala., lead singer Gary LeVox dished on the trio's forthcoming album and several non-musical ventures.

Due out April 3, the new record takes its title from 'Changed,' a song Gary penned with sometime writing partners Wendell Mobley and Neil Thrasher.

"It was a great title," Gary said. "Everything in our career has changed. We switched record labels. Last year, we switched management companies. A lot of things have changed in the last 10 years. We thought it summed up everything."

"For me, it's the greatest song that I've ever been a part of," he added.

The Ohio band is also getting ready to follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw and launch their own fragrance. Gary and bandmates Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney started looking -- or rather sniffing -- around for the right scent a few years ago, but their noses have yet to lead anywhere conclusive.

"We couldn't lock down on a scent that the three of us had liked," Gary said. "We're in the process now of putting it together."

The guys are also in the process of filming a movie about their lives and careers. While details aren't known yet, bassist Jay DeMarcus gave a few hints via Twitter: "Def more of a performance/doc style with more of our individual stories intertwined," he posted Monday.

And if those things weren't enough, the group is also readying a clothing line and preparing to break ground on its first restaurant, a steakhouse they're creating in partnership with Mastro's Restaurants near the Ohio State University's stadium in Columbus.

"We're going to have writers' nights in there," Gary said. "It's going to be based around music."

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