Rascal Flatts aren't quite sure why, year after year, their music continues to resonate with fans -- they're just happy it does.

"It's just a God thing, really," bandmate Joe Don Rooney says, shaking his head in amazement. "To be here this many years later and still be relevant, still creating music that people wanna hear ... it's phenomenal."

It may be cliche for an artist to say that they pinch themselves every day, even decades into a successful career, but the trio really does feel that way -- especially now, in the middle of their successful Summer Playlist Tour. "I mean, it's selling out everywhere. Things just couldn't be any better," Rooney continues.

"You've just gotta give God all the glory for giving us a platform to still continue to make music and do what we love to do and be able to touch peoples' hearts," he adds. "We'll be here as long as they'll have us."

However, that doesn't mean that Rascal Flatts haven't thought about how the group will change as they get older. "It's an interesting question," admits Jay DeMarcus.

"I don't think we'll ever be one of those bands that can't play and [doesn't] make music together somehow," he says. "And it may be years from now, when we're just doing the Opry a few times a year and [we're] old men sitting on our porch, sitting around playing with guitars."

That being said, the Flatts' live show will change -- and that's a good thing. During a tour date opening for the Rolling Stones, bandmate Gary LeVox realized he doesn't want to be doing the group's current, high-powered, hard-rocking show as an older performer.

"I remember saying, 'God, can you imagine being 70 and still doing this?'" Rooney recalls. "And [Gary] goes, 'No, I can't.'"

"I'll tell ya 'what hurts the most'!" DeMarcus jokes, riffing on the group's 2006 hit while leaning his arms on an imaginary walker.

"You know, it'll look different as time goes on," he adds. "But I think the three of us will be making music together, somehow, until one of us kicks the bucket."

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