From the sound of things, Rascal Flatts really will ride off into the sunset--for the time being, at least--after the trio celebrates its 20th year together throughout 2020. Members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney announced Farewell: Life Is a Highway Tour Tuesday (Jan. 7) on CBS This Morning.

Band members assure that the split has nothing to do with internal strife or health concerns. Instead, it just feels like the right time to part ways.

"You get to a certain part in your career where, we've been blessed to have so many hits, so many No. 1s, that you actually compete with yourself on radio," LeVox said on CBS This Morning. "And it's tough, year after year, to outdo the tour that you've done previously the year before.

"It's going to be nice to celebrate. We're going to take 12 months to celebrate our rear ends off with the people that have given us their everything," he added. "We haven't really had a break in 20 years. We haven't had time to reflect. Our fans have given us so much. We've achieved so many milestones in our career."

Beyond a tour lasting from June 11 through Oct. 17 and potential new music for 2020, there's nothing on the books beyond this year. "We don't have any plans right now," DeMarcus confirmed. "We want to take the year and focus on a celebration and thanking our fans for 20 wonderful years. You know, road years are like dog years. You age seven times."

"We’re not gonna sign some pact that says we’re never gonna tour again or something like that. We all still love each other," he adds.

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