Randy Travis and his wife of 19 years, Elizabeth, are calling it quits.

According the the Associated Press, Randy filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in Albuquerque, N.M. on Thursday, October 28. In the petition, Randy asks for an equal division of assets but offers no specific reason for the split, other than saying a "state of incompatibility exists between the parties." The divorce was finalized Friday, October 29.

Randy and Elizabeth's relationship began 34 years ago when the singer was 17-years-old and won a talent contest at a Charlotte, N.C. club owned by his future wife. Elizabeth, who is 16 years older than Randy, became his manager soon after. The couple moved to Nashville in 1982 to pursue Randy's dream in country music.

It was upon that move that Randy started to turn his life around, concentrating on music rather than alcohol and drugs, which plagued him throughout his teens. "In my 20's, I started really wanting to change," Randy told Barnes and Noble in an interview several years ago. "My wife had a big part to play in that. When I first met her, watching all the things that she did for other people, and her attitude -- she didn't get mad, shout, fight or do all this stuff that I was prone to do. She did all this extra work for people when she didn't have to. Even if it's something just so simple as making sure a birthday party happened for someone just because she cared about them."

After keeping their personal relationship secret for 12 years, the couple married in 1991 in Maui, Hawaii. "Of course, to start with, the music brought us together," Randy told People magazine shortly after tying the knot. "And just being around each other, working with each other ... it just grew from that. She is energetic, witty, intelligent and very kindhearted."

In the wake of the divorce, Elizabeth and Randy will reportedly continue their professional relationship. A statement released by the two asks for "respect for their privacy during this time."

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