Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen are set to release a new album of acoustic songs titled Watch This.

The songs on the new release weren't recorded on the road, but the project was heavily inspired by the duo's annual Hold My Beer and Watch This tour, which celebrates its 10th year this summer.

"We toured as a duo together for eight years before we finally addressed the question: 'When are you guys going to do a Randy and Wade album?'" Rogers says in a press release.

Bowen and Rogers took the idea and ran with it, recording "Hold My Beer: Vol. 1" in 2015, but after the release of that project, they felt like the next step was to release an acoustic album that would give listeners the feeling that they're at one of the pair's live shows. That concept gave rise to Watch This, which features 19 tracks, most of which have appeared on previous albums from one of the artists. See a full track listing below.

"Nineteen songs is a lot, but we couldn't bring ourselves to cut any of them," Bowen says. "You'll hear them as we play them during our Hold My Beer and Watch This tour, and you'll hear some pretty colorful banter, too. We pick on each other, but it's all in good fun. Besides, it's just us, our guitars, two microphones and our friends in the audience. It's pretty raw, and we wanted to keep it as true-to-live as possible."

Watch This is set for release on June 3. The album is available for pre-order at RandyAndWade.com, where a list of upcoming tour dates can also be found.

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen Watch This Track Listing:

1. "Tonight's Not the Night" from Roller Coaster
2. "Mood Ring" from Lost Hotel
3. "Buy Myself A Chance" from Randy Rogers Band
4. "Trouble" from You Had Me At My Best
5. "Interstate" from Burning the Day
6. "Songs About Trucks"
7. "In My Arms Instead" from Randy Rogers Band
8. "You Had Me At My Best" from If We Ever Make It Home
9. "Too Late For Goodbye" from Burning the Day
10. "Whataburger"
11. "West Texas Rain" from Wade Bowen
12. "Fuzzy" from Trouble
13. "Things I Could Do" from Try Not to Listen
14. "Satellite" from Homemade Tamales
15. "One Step Closer" from Lost Hotel
16. "Kiss Me In the Dark" from Just A Matter of Time
17. "Who I Am" from Blue Light Live
18. "She's Gonna Run" from Homemade Tamales
19. "Saturday Night" from The Given

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