"I wanted to sing songs that I wrote and have people sing them back to me," Randy Montana tells The Boot of his self-titled debut album out today (July 26). "I was really fortunate in that when we were getting ready to record that album, the label thought that my songs were legit enough that we could build an entire project around them."

The finished project is an 11-song collection that features Randy as a co-writer on eight of the tracks. Highlighted by '1,000 Faces,' the singer-songwriter's current chart climber, the album also features Randy's 2010 Top 40 single, 'Ain't Much Left of Lovin' You.'

Out of all his self-penned tunes, the New York singer hopes his collaboration with music legend Emmylou Harris receives a proper radio release. "I would love 'Last Horse' to be a single. [But] all those songs feel like my babies in a way," says Randy.

Although the end result far exceeded his expectations, Randy admits the idea of including Emmylou on the song was a long shot.

"I really didn't think it was going to happen," he says. "She heard the song and emailed right back, 'I would love to do it.' Three days later, she was in the studio singing the song. She's one of the nicest people and was very complimentary of the song. She said at the end that mine and her 'vowels' sound good together. I took that has a compliment, and I'll always remember that."

After finishing up a string of shows on Taylor Swift's Speak Now world tour, the singer resumed his summer touring schedule with dates booked through October. Fans can click here find tour dates and ticket availability.

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